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Goodnight Starry is a beautiful picture book for little stargazers aged 3-6 years. The perfect book to ignite kids love of the planets, moons, stars and space.

Goodnight Starry - the book! 

All signed by Author

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£3 for every Hardback sold 

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The Competition!

Kids (3-6 years) get to explore their creative side, by either creatively drawing or colouring in their favourite planet!

Send us your best three to enter the competition to win cash prizes!!

Cash Prize: £100 for best school entry (max 3)Cash Prize: £30 for best individual drawing 

Competition Deadline: 12 December 2019Winners announced: 14 January 2019

Free classroom resources 

Activities include:

Homework activities

Space jokes 

My Name is? 

Fruity Solar System

Knowledge check 

for both 3-6 years and 6-7 years

Answers to all those quirky kids questions