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Meet the Author

Born on the anniversary of the first moon landing, I have always been fascinated with the stars.  And growing up under the clear desert night skies of Western Australia, my first little telescope helped me to discover a lifelong love of astronomy.  As a nipper, I even wrote to the President of the USA to let him know that Mars had all the resources to sustain life and was worth a visit.  NASA politely responded that it wasn't a priority at the time, but also enclosed a beautiful book of planets to further help my 'research'. 

Now living in London with my Irish wife, Goodnight Starry is my first children’s storybook through which I hope to ignite a love of the planets in the next generation of little stargazers.  

The origins of Goodnight Starry 

Goodnight Starry was inspired on a cold, clear winters night in our backyard in Bondi, Australia.  Some UK friends, visiting with their 9 year old son, saw my telescopes and wanted to view the night skies 'Down Under'.  We spent a stellar evening spotting Jupiter, Saturn and the Southern Cross in our chilly winter skies. The idea of developing an educational picture book to introduce the planets and other objects in our solar system to a new generation of little stargazers was born.  

Each beautifully illustrated page brings to life a member of the Earth's celestial family, with children 'accidentally' learning in the process their names, order from the Sun, appearance, size, key facts, distance from Earth based on past space missions and its astronomical planetary symbol.  

Meet the Illustrator

Andrew McIntosh is a digital illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. He started his artistic career in the video games industry focusing on Pixel art, 3D modelling and UI design. 

In his spare time, Andrew paints whimsical characters and scenes which are greatly inspired by nature. Since 2015, Andrew has pursued his aspiration to illustrate children's books and hopes to write one of his own in the future.

You can see some more of Andrew's amazing artwork on his website https://www.artstation.com/andrewmcintoshart. 

You can also follow Andrew on his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/andrewmcintoshart