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Goodnight Starry is a beautiful picture book for little stargazers aged 3-6 years. Saying Goodnight to each member of the Earth's family in the solar system, they will discover how very different and special each one is.  And learn things that they will recall, long after bedtime is over.

Humorously written and beautifully illustrated, Goodnight Starry is the perfect goodnight story to ignite a little one's love of the planets, moons, stars and space.  And they can sleep safe and sound, secure in the knowledge that the Earth's celestial family also watches over them each and every night. 

  • Jupiter blowing off

    Take a sneak peek inside

    Did you know Jupiter's Great Red Spot has been blowing off for over 300 years?

  • Saturn - Queen of the night sky

    Did you know that Saturn’s beautiful rings are made up of millions and millions of tiny particles of dust, rocks and ice?

  • Naughty old Neptune

    Did you know Neptune was only discovered in 1846 and is named after the Roman God of the Sea?

Lift-off to the top of the class

Do you want your little star to be top of space class? A future astronaut, even...

Ignite their curiosity and wonder about the solar system. With at least four key learnings on each page, they won't even realise they're learning real facts about the Earth's celestial family. Real facts they will remember, long after bedtime is over.

And grown-ups can check out 'Planetary Explanatory' for all the answers to the curly little questions kids ask about space. Because grown-ups know everything, right!?

Lift-off to the top of the class

Activities & Resources

Help young & curious minds explore more about space and the universe with these Goodnight Starry games and activities.

And for classroom or school-holiday activities, teachers & parents can download free activity packs to support your little star's discovery of our amazing solar system.

Activities & Resources

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Find out about the space nuts behind Goodnight Starry, and where this beautiful book came from.

That's me with my first telescope, by the way. And I have no idea why I'm holding a bunch of flowers...

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What customers are saying!

" is really quite charming, beautifully illustrated and it teaches you stuff about the planets... what more could you want?"

"The beautiful illustrations bring to life this fabulous story of exploration and adventure.  A great learning experience for kids. Would thoroughly recommend this book which will sit easily alongside your other favourite children's classics...."

"Gorgeous book with delightful illustrations.  A great introduction to the universe for our precious little girl".

"This is a stunning book that is not only a soothing bedtime story, but opens up a whole new concept of the planets to the very young......... I loved it so much I bought 13 for each of the kids in my class. I highly recommend buying this book!

"I bought this book for a number of "little" people in my life and they all loved the story and learning interesting and fun facts about the planets.  The illustrations are beautiful and really capture the imagination of readers young and old alike"

"For anyone with little stargazers out there, this is a darling little nightime book. Gorgeous illustrations and lovely little facts about the planets."