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How it Works!



Getting started 

First you'll need to let your parents network know all about Goodnight Starry.  You could send a letter to all parents from your School or through your PTA. Or you could promote Goodnight Starry in your next School Book Fair, its up to you...


Here's a draft letter that you could send to parents to help things get started, along with a flyer showing what Goodnight Starry is all about. 

Collect and make an order for your School

Ask parents to let you know how many copies of Goodnight Starry (Hardback or Paperback) they would like to order, including who they would like the book dedicated to.  

Here's an order sheet to record all the orders you receive - either complete this electronically, or print it out and do it manually.  

Don't forget to collect the money!

Place your order

Once you have all your orders, go to Goodnight Starry's website (www.goodnightstarry.com) and add the total number of books you need to the cart (distinguishing between Hardback and Paperback).

In the box 'Who would you like the book dedicated to?' please provide a list of names (i.e. the dedications) for all Hardback and Paperback books (as shown).

NOTE: If one book is to be dedicated to more than one child, please put brackets around their names (as shown).

Use the discount code 'NI SCHOOLS' to receive 25% discount off your order.

Make your payment.  Your school retains the difference between the money collected and the payment made via website (it's equivalent to a 25% discount). 

Then sit back and relax - we'll take it from here!