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Space Jokes 

Objectives of Activity 

1. Having fun 

2. Giving children jokes to recite to friends and family 

How to:

Share these jokes with the children during class to promote fun and learning about space

Activity -in simple format!

Q: Why did the cow go in the spaceship? 

A: It wanted to see the Mooooooon! 

Q: Why don’t Martians eat clowns? 

A: Because they taste funny! 

Q:What do you call a silly person in space? 

A: An Astro-nut! 

Q:What did Venus say to Saturn? 

A: Give me a ring! 

Q:What do planets sing? 

A: Nep-tunes! 

Q:How do astronauts serve dinner? 

A: On flying saucers. 

Q:What do planets like to read? 

A: Comet books! 

Q:How many paperclips would it take to reach the moon? 

A: One, but it would have to be very large. 

Q:How does the solar system hold up its pants? 

A: With the asteroid belt!