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Comprehension Check 


Objectives of Activity 

1. Testing comprehension by recalling facts

 2. Identifying emotions 

How to:

1. Read Goodnight Starry 

2. Use the animated Powerpoint Slideshow to ask the children to name the planet based on facts and the emotion shown 

3. If desired, download the Word PDF for use in class during the reading of Goodnight Starry

Activity - in simple format!

1.  Which was your favourite Planet? Why?

2. Facts: Which planet:

a. Has a windy bottom?  

b. Was last to be found? 

c. Spins on its side? 

d. Has the most beautiful rings?  

e. Has the biggest dust storms?

f. Is closest to the Sun? 

g. Is deep blue like the ocean? 

h. Is brightest in the night sky? 

3. Emotions: Many of the planets look like they are feeling different things in the story.  

Which Planet:

a. Looked embarrassed?

b.  Looked angry?

c.  Was hot and bothered?

d.  Was really, really excited?

e.  Had the biggest smile?

f.  Looked most glamorous?

g.  Looked naughty or cheeky?

h.  Was very relaxed?

i.  Looked like a Queen?