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Fruity Solar System

Objective of Activity 

1. Use fruit to understand the relative size of the planets to each other 

2. Learn the order of the Solar System

How to:

1. Use the following pieces of fruit to set up this classroom activity

2. Ask the children the following questions using the fruit as props to build the Solar System


JUPITER        - 1 Watermelon 

SATURN        - 1 Orange

URANUS       - 1 Large apple 

NEPTUNE     - 1 Lime


EARTH         - 1 Cherry tomato 

VENUS         - 1 Blueberry

MARS           - 1 Pea

MERCURY   - 1 Peppercorn

Activity  - Questions

1. Out of all the things in our Solar System what do you think is the biggest?

2. How many Planets are there in the Solar System? 

3. What are the names of all the Planets?

4. Ask the children to guess which fruit resembles each Planet

5. Ask the children to arrange the fruit in the order of the Solar System 

6. Which Planets are called the Rocky Planets?  

7. What planets are called the Gas Giants? 

Order of the Planets

Rocky Planets 

Gas Giants