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Fill in the missing words

Complete the sentences below. 

How long would it take you to travel to the Sun? 

If you flew to the Sun as fast as a jet airplane normally travels, it would take you ______ years to get there. 

Where did the Moon come from? 

It is thought that the Moon was created from the remains of a planet (about the size of ______ ) that collided with the Earth around ______ billion years ago. 

Who is Mercury named after? 

Mercury was named after the ______ God of _______________. 

Who is Venus named after? 

Venus was named after the Roman Goddess of __________ and____________. 

Are there really volcanoes on Mars? 

Mars is home to the biggest Volcano found so far in the Solar system, called ‘Olympus _____________’. At around 22km ( _____ miles) high, it is roughly 3 times higher than the highest mountain on Earth, Mount ___________. 

Why does Jupiter have a windy bottom? 

A mighty storm, known as the Great _______ _______ has been raging for hundreds of years in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere. 

What are Saturn’s rings made of? 

Saturn’s beautiful rings are made up of millions and millions of tiny particles of _______, rocks and _________. 

Which way does Uranus spin? 

We’re not sure why, but Uranus spins in the ___________ direction to the Earth and almost all of the other planets (except Venus). 

Does Neptune really have rings? 

Yes, Neptune is surrounded by a set of _____ known rings. They were first discovered by the probe Voyager 2, who flew past Neptune in _______. 

Is it true that Pluto is not a planet anymore? 

 From its discovery in ______ until 2006, Pluto was classed as the ninth and last planet in our solar system. However, when _____________ began finding other objects in our solar system that were similar in size to (or even bigger than) Pluto, they had to decide what it is they mean when they say ‘Planet’. Under the new definition, Pluto is now considered to be a small, _____________ planet. 

What galaxy are we in again? 

 We’re part of the ‘________ Way’ galaxy but there are at least 100 billion other galaxies (and different types of galaxies) out there in the _____________. 

What is that on the top of the Earth? 

At the very top and very bottom of the Earth, and at different times of the year, you can often see a __________ light show up high in the night sky. Near the North Pole, these are called the ‘_______________ lights’ (or the Aurora Borealis). While near the South Pole, they are called the ‘Southern lights’ (or ________ Australis).