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Goodnight Starry (eBook)

Goodnight Starry (eBook)

Goodnight Starry (eBook)


Introduce your own little ‘star’ to the amazing members of the Earth’s family of planets and other objects in our solar system. 

Lyrically written and beautifully illustrated, this charming 32-page eBook will ignite your little one’s curiosity about space and love of the planets. And while they are saying goodnight to each in turn, they will also ‘accidentally’ learn up to four key facts about each one.  Facts that they will recall, long after bedtime is over. 

Note: Download up to five (5) times. This .ePub file cannot be viewed on Amazon Kindle devices (except for the Kindle Fire tablet).

What people are saying...

“A brilliant, funny and rather unique book about the planets. A complete joy to read…” – Independent Book Reviews UK

“…it is really quite charming, beautifully illustrated and it teaches you stuff about the planets… what more could you want?” – Nick Coffers, BBC Radio

“If you want to introduce your children to the solar system, then this is the one to get!” – David Ballard Picture Book Reviews

Four learnings on each page

Kids will accidentally learn.....

  • Key facts

    Some real, key facts about each planet 

  • Planetary Symbol

    The official, astronomical symbol for each planet

  • Distance to Earth

    In months or years, based on past space missions to each planet

  • Appearance of the planet

    Colour, size and 'personality' of each planet